Wilson Ultra Power Team 103 Tennis Racket + Cover 3 Tennis Balls

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Headsize - 103 sq inches

Weight - 290g

Balance - Head Light

String Pattern - 16 x 19

Grip L3 - 4 3/8" - Suitable for man, woman or youth aged 12+ 

The Wilson Ultra Power Team 103 tennis racket provides extended power and stability making it a fine choice for recreational players who enjoy aggressive / dynamic style of playing around the courts. The increased power potential comes from the 103in2 head and the Double Hole technology, whereas the Arc 2 technology reinforces the stability of the frame through each swing. The frame weighs around 290g and it is head light balanced slightly to ensure additional maneuverability, a more dexterous movement and enhanced striking control. The frame is also lightly protected with the AirLite Bumper guard, and it offers fine comfort and proper confidence thanks to the Cushion Air Perforated grip. Conveniently, the racquet is shipped pre-strung with Wilson Sensation string in an open 16x19 string pattern to provide a little bit more spin.

Complete with a full length head cover and a pack of three tennis balls.